Taiwan Telephone option for foreigner : Useful comparison of 4 Taiwan SIM Card’s company

Why choose Taiwan’s SIM Cards options as a foreigner ?”- you might say. You’ll need the Internet in Taiwan : localization applications (e.g. Mapps), searching for addresses (you can find ideas with this PopRoom’s article : https://pop-rooms.com/discover-incredible-daan-district-taipei-in-4-steps/), finding institutes or embassies in case of regulatory issues, using translation tools (e.g. Deepl), and keeping in touch with your loved ones (WatsApp, Messenger, Instagram…). In fact, the LINE internet application is widely used in Taiwan, even for business meetings. If you’re thinking of purchasing international SIMCards in your home country, your benefits will be limited at a high cost. Or, if you had the idea of a Global SIM Cards (ex: OneSimCard, GoSIM, WorldSIM…); this will only be beneficial if you travel to several countries in a short period of time. In this article, we look for the best long-term telephone option in Taiwan : economical, compatible and practical.


To be eligible to buy SIM Cards in Taiwan, you will need to :

– show your passport. This is a proof that you’re over 20 years old, and the packages you’ll find are only available to foreigners.

– have cash. Operators often ask you to pay in cash. You’ll find ATMs at the airport or in the city (prefer Cathay United Bank to avoid exchange fees by deferring conversion); or you can have your currency exchanged in your home country (although fees will be lower locally)

– Give an unlocked phone

Don’t forget to check the internet option after you’ve installed the SIMCards, and note that you’ll lose your home country phone number (don’t forget to close your phone account so you don’t have to pay any more fees).


To purchase a local SIMCard, you have 4 options:

At the airport : the staff speak English, the counters are easy to find, and you’ll be offered packages with unlimited Internet access. However, it will be more expensive than in-store, and you won’t have access to all their packages.

At local convenience stores : FamilyMart or 7-Eleven. Once again, prices are not the most attractive and offers are limited

pre-ordered SIM Cards: you can order on Klook, which is generally cheaper than in-store and offers spontaneous airport delivery. For example, for a 3-day offer with Chungwa Telecom unlimited internet, it will be 300TWD; whereas with Klook it will be 280TWD. What’s more, the Klook counter at the airport is open longer (Taoyuan Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Monday to Sunday, 5.30 a.m. to 1 a.m.; or Songshan, Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the Chungwa Telecom counter). You can also buy a pocket-sized wifi router from Klook for 50TWD per day, but this option is more suitable for short-term travel’s groups

At telephone stores : you’ll avoid the high prices of the airport and have access to a wider range of company offers. However, you’ll need to consider the time lag between your arrival at the airport and your arrival at the store, as well as the uncertainty of what each store of the same brand has to offer (offers fluctuate), and the language barrier (employees don’t always speak English).

So, the best way to save money and enjoy the benefits of a SIM card when you arrive in Taiwan is to pre-order a SIM card online and pick it up at the airport counter; then, for a large period, go to the phone store to consider an offer that suits your needs and is economical in the long term. You can always use the convenience of airport offers with no Internet limit, but this solution will only be transitory and secure.

You can also try a cheaper Taiwanese package with little internet and use I-Taiwan : set up by the government, it’s free wifi (even in urban areas) for 30 days. It’ll be easier if you use this approach with a local SIM card. You’ll need to find one of the I-Taiwan “spots” (connect to the free wifi at the airport); log in to the service (country, passport number, date of birth); and present yourself and your passport at a travel service center (airport, metro or train station). However, experience of this free wifi service has been mixed. Choose a safe way to access the Internet if you necessity it.


First of all, you need to outline your own requirements : data, calls and text, coverage and phone compatibility. We invite you to explore their website, or to visit a store directly when you’re in Taiwan to confirm your expectations. Then, we have analyzed for you the possible package deals for foreigners in Taiwan, and here’s the outcome :

T-Star (https://www.tstartel.com/CWS/twcard-en.php) : this company is the cheapest in Taiwan for foreigners (for example, for 1 month’s package with equivalent benefits from other companies, you’ll pay 920TWD rather than 1000TWD with FarEasTone). What’s more, T-Star offers packages for more than 30 days (up to 1 year for 6,500TWD). However, this will only be of benefit to you if you plan to stay in Taipei : the rural areas are to be forgotten. There are no stores in the city. The store at Taoyuan airport terminal 1: Monday Sunday, 7am to midnight; Terminal 2: Monday Sunday, 7am to 10pm.

Chungwa Telecom(https://www.cht.com.tw/en/home/cht) : we recommended this company. It has the best coverage and internet speed all over Taiwan. They also offer low-cost cards for students (from 60 to 135 days). They have many stores in town. Airport stores : Taoyuan, same hours and location as T-Star; Songshan: the only ones on site, Monday Sunday, 7am to 11pm.

Taiwan Mobile (https://english.taiwanmobile.com/): the second-best coverage and speed for internet; but only offers packages with short residency periods.

FarEasTone (https://corporate.fetnet.net/content/corp/en/index.html) : lack of coverage and internet speed. Taoyuan, Terminal 1 and 2 : same times and location as T-Star and Chungwa Telecom


More practical than a physical sim card (a digital version) and often with many advantages, this can be a transitional solution (like the pre-ordered SIM card) or an international possibility. It allows the user to have several active numbers and easily change connections between countries. It generally costs between 7USD and 32USD (depending on the options you choose). In this case, we recommend AIRALO. After purchasing an ESIM online (for example, on Holafly’s using Changwa Telecom’s data), you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions and a QR code. However, the price is not always cheaper and not all phones are compatible (here’s the list: https://www.travelsimexpert.com/esim-supported-phones/).


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