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Daan or Da’an translates as ‘Great Peace’, which might not make a lot of sense, since Daan District has the most heavily populated and probably the lively area of Taipei – it has many different neighborhoods, many of which are very trendy, as well as many businesses, universities and night markets.


Da’an is right in the center of Taipei and as such is very well connected. The red line runs right through the center of Da’an, but so do the blue and brown lines. If you are a foreigner living in Taipei then you will likely be spending a lot of time in Da’an, so it pays to get to know the transport links. You can download bus tracker Taipei or many other apps to get accurate realtime bus information too, as the bus system in Taipei is excellent.

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Da’an Park Station Credit:

Historical Sights and Tourism

Da’an takes it’s name from the historical Daiwan villiage. Part of why Da’an is so trendy is because it has many universities – National Taiwan University (NTU) National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and and the National Taiwan University of Science and Education. As such there are many students and a lot of shops and businesses supporting this part of the population.

Da’an Park

This is one of the most prominent parks in Taipei, and is long and thin with many attractive areas. Many people come here to picnic, play basketball, or to see the highlight – an island in the middle of a lake which is home to an enromous colony of birds. It’s accessible from many areas of Da’an and offers a welcome bit of nature in the heart of the city.

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Da’an Park Credit:

Jianguo Holiday Jade Market

Usually just open on weekends and holidays, Jinguo Jade Market is an absolutely HUGE Jade market offering some truly world class Jade. Jade is not the only thing you can buy in the market – they offer many interesting jewellry. In this part of the world, there were historically no precious stones, and so jade was revered. You can shop at many different price ranges. A great place to go if you want to bring something back home.

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Jinguo Jade Market Credit: Trip Advisor

Where to eat in Daan District

Tonghua Night Market

Also known and Linjiang market, This is considered a very local market with few tourists and many local foods. You can try all sorts of delicacies and can find some of the best examples of very traditional foods, like braised pork rice, stinky tofu and water dumplings.

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Entrance to Tonghua night market. Credit:

Nightlife in the Daan District

There is a LOT of nightlife in Da’an – far too many clubs to post here, but rest assued that if you want to go out you can definitely find a wide variety of clubs. Here is a short list of some of the best choices of each style.

Fancy nightclub: Omni has an incredible sound and light system as well as professional dance crew, Omni’s Angels.

Bar with best ambeince: Shrine sells not only drinks but also great pizza, and is covered with fascinating decor from eastern religious iconogrpahy to 1940s pin up decor.

Best Rock Bar: Roxy Rockers is a great place to go at the end of the night, sa it stays open late and the drinks are a good price.

Best Cocktails: Ounce is a speakeasy style cocktail bar that is highly dedicated to the art of creating the perfect cocktail. A must for cocktail conneseurs. Image result for shrine bar taipei

Shrine bar. Credit:

If you want to live in Daan District, you are sure to have a great time! It’s a great place to live, has fantastic connectivity to the rest of Taipei, and is a very easy place to meet people. Check out our apartments there, and maybe you will find your future home in Taipei!

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