Renting Guidelines

Revised January 2020



Welcome to your new home and thank you for renting one of our units. Please find the time to read and understand this document, which will make your stay with us even more enjoyable. The Renting Guidelines can be updated anytime, so make sure that you have the latest version.


What is this document ?

As an extension to the renting contract, reading, understanding and agreeing with this document is mandatory to rent our units. It explains in detail what we provide and what is expected from the tenant. We hope it will prevent incidents, clear misunderstandings, and help the tenants know their rights in details.

As a property management company, we strive to spend our time improving our current units and to better your experience of Taiwan, so having as little issues to fix as possible will have a positive impact.


Table of Contents

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Property Assessment
  3. Deposit, Rent, and Payments
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Ending the contract and leaving the property
  6. Privacy, Theft, and Sexual Harassment
  7. Structural Damage and Insurance
  8. Requests, Complaints, Ideas

1. Safety and Security


Safety is our primary concern and we are proud that our tenants are as safe as possible. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your safety or security.


1.1 Materials

Although there are almost no safety regulations for long time rentals in Taiwan, we use only materials that are safe to European standards (paints, furniture, electrical appliances…), so as to release the minimum amount of solvents in the air.


1.2 Fire Prevention

Most domestic accidents are caused by fire. This is why all units are equipped with fire alarms. On the tenant’s side, it is important that you are familiar with the common fire hazards (oil cooking, electric appliances, heaters, …), and that you help keep the exits clear in case of emergency. We remind you that smoking inside the units is not permitted. Smoking is permitted in dedicated smoking areas only, and tenants must be very careful in order to make sure there is no fire risk (make sure that cigarette butts are put off, …). Heaters other than electric ones (gas, coal, …) are strictly prohibited.

2. Property Assessment


Upon arrival, property is assessed: pictures are taken of the property and shared on Facebook messenger or email upon request. The pictures assess the state of the room / apartment and what is inside. Upon departure, the room should be in the same state of cleanliness with no remaining trash or garbage. If you notice something wrong or broken, please state it during the property assessment and the manager will write the details on the contract.1

3. Deposit, Rent, and Payments

Length: Unless specified in your contract, the minimum length of the contract is three months. Short contracts are less than a year, and long contracts are a year or more.

Type: The contract has either an ending date (closed contract) or no ending date (open contract). 

Ending the contract: After six months, open contracts can be ended by POP-ROOMS or the tenant with a minimum of one month notice. Unless specified otherwise, The tenant cannot end the contract in the following months: December, January, June, July, August. If the tenant wants to move out during these months, then it is possible only if a replacement is found with similar renting conditions. We will do our best to help you find a new tenant whenever possible. If the tenant doesn’t respect the one month notice, and no new tenant is found, then one month rent will be taken from the deposit.

Any time ending rule: If the tenant needs to move out suddenly, it is possible if the tenant finds a new tenant to take over the room or apartment. Then the one month notice can be waived. It is at the appreciation of the other tenants in the apartment and Homes.Taipei to decide to accept or not the new tenant.

Number of people: The number of people is set at the beginning of the contract. If this changes we should be notified and rent will increase / decrease by 1000 NTD, given that the space allows and other tenants approve.

Room or unit (complete apartment): When renting a room, we are responsible for maintaining furniture and appliances. As a tenant your are responsible for the damage to the furniture and appliances. (see 7, Structural damage and Insurance).

When renting a full unit, then you are responsible for the whole place, including appliances, and cleaning of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, …

3.1 Deposit and flat fee

The deposit is an insurance for us on possible property damages. It should be paid on/before the first day of arrival, in exchange for the keys.. 

The deposit is refunded after the keys have been returned the property inspected and the utilities consumption checked/paid for. The tenant should not get back to the property after getting the end of his/her contract. The deposit will be return within one month of the contract’s end.

Payments should be made using bank transfers. It is more convenient for everyone if you set up an automatic wire transfer. If you need help transferring money please request help and we will help you. You don’t need a bank account to transfer money in Taiwan.

You can also use credit cards cryptocurrencies to pay rent, or for the deposit, contact us.

The Flat fee covers your booking, moving in and administrative fees.

3.2 Utilities 

In some cases, utilities are included in your rent. Check your contract for details.

Utilities list: Electricity (A/C, heater, lights, …), gas, water, internet, building fees.

Electricity is capped at 150 KWH per month per room. It’s about 300 hours of ACs in economy mode. 

A good temperature to set up A/C is between 26 and 30 deg. Celsius, anything lower than that should be only temporarily. Please always use a fan first and in combination with the AC.

Please only run the washing machine with a full load to avoid waste. Also, do not use a heater to dry clothes (fans are just as fast and use a lot less energy, also a heater might damage your cloth).

If the room is not equipped with an individual meter, then the calculation is made by the number of rooms. You can check your consumption, request our help to know how.

What is not included: plastic bags, trash bags, detergent, toilet paper, cooking utensils and cooking stuff, shower gel and shampoo, as well as anything that is not on the utilities list.

3.3 Garbage

Taiwan has a great recycling rate but garbage disposal can take some time to get use to the taiwanese trash collection system. What you need to know is that a truck comes after working hours and collect garbage and recyclable items. Blue garbage bags must be purchased at convenience stores (7/11, HiLife, Family Mart, …) in order to put general trash. The recyclable items can be directly given to the trash collection personnel. 

Please note that recyclable items must be rinsed before the trash truck can accept it. Also, glass should never be put in the blue bags, this violation is fined 2000 NTD on the spot by the police.

Garbage cannot be stored in the street even for a short period of time. This violation is fined by the police at least 2000 NTD, and other taiwanese people will throw their trash too and you will be responsible for it as well.

How to handle trash

The only way to maintain a garbage free apartment is to have clear rules and good habits. Because of the hot weather of Taiwan, we advise you to bring back as few items back home as possible, and regularly put trash out. If you are taking the MRT regularly, you can use their trash can (only small bags fit inside). Also, please compress plastic bottles and other empty containers when possible.

Keep trash in your room. If you want to have a trashcan in the living room, please put a tag with your name on it and make sure that the trash has a lid and the bags inside are sealed tight, so no smell can disturb the roommates. Please note that you are responsible for your trashcan and its content even if someone else puts trash in your container (hence keeping the trash can in your room).

Leaving trash in the shared space (outside of your dedicated garbage can) is considered littering, and removal of the garbage is subject to fees and penalties (see penalties/littering).

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 Wear and Tear

Wear and tears of property is normal. Be careful and remember that we follow the Taiwanese tradition of not wearing shoes inside. Also, All mattresses should be covered with a protective layer at all times. If your bed doesn’t have one, contact your manager. 

Do not use double faced tape to hang decorations on the walls. It is very difficult to remove and impossible to hide by painting over.


4.2 Property Damage and misconduct

If you break an item in the apartment, please contact us. You could either buy the same item, or we will buy for you with a replacement fee of 200 NTD (plus the cost of the item). In many cases, we will be able to fix the item free of charge. In some cases, especially if the item was really old and/or bad shape we won’t charge you anything.

Smoking inside is not permitted. Cigaret smell is very hard to get rid of and in case of cigarette smell in the unit, it will be the tenant’s responsibility to get rid of the smell, which often means the mattress has to be changed (5000 to 12000 NTD)


4.2.1 Note on appliances

If you are renting a full apartment then this is your responsibility to maintain appliances in working condition. If you are just renting a room, they your help is needed to point appliances that need a fix. 


Fridges with a freezing compartment and freezers must be thawed once in a while. Failure to remove ice can cause the cooling parts to break. 


HDMI plugs on flat screen TVs can be tricky. Because they are connected directly to the main electric board of the TV, pulling the plug in the wrong angle can result in the main board being damaged. Replacing the mainboard is usually more expensive than buying a new TV.


4.2.2 Wi-Fi / internet usage

Wi-Fi is to be used in respect to the laws of Taiwan. Illegal content (racist, pedopornographic, copyrighted, …) and illegal activities (hacking, bullying, …) are banned. Also banned is cryptocurrencies mining.

Networks are supervised and you are legally responsible for your activities online.

4.3 Cleaning

Bathroom: It is your responsibility to keep the bathroom well ventilated. Taiwan tends to be very moist in certain times of the year, and doors and windows must be opened after taking showers. Black mold can develop even without visual signs. Black mold is toxic and will destroy tile joints, which can be difficult and expensive to change.

Empty bottles of shampoo, body wash and other products should be trashed away. 

Do not use other tenants stuff, and regroup your things for convenience.


Kitchen: Dishes should be cleaned immediately so that other tenants can use the sink and dishes. Food should never be left unattended, as Taiwan is home of many cockroaches. Cockroach infestation is never an easy thing to solve. If you see any insect in the units, please contact us ASAP.

4.4 Shared appliances and storage

You are responsible for your space in the fridge, kitchen and  bathroom, … Therefore upon leaving the property, please throw away any remaining items that you are not taking with you and clean the spaces.

4.5 Concierge and emergency contact

For requests, if something broken or you need our help to improve something please fill up the form here:


In case of emergency: if our immediate action is required to prevent damage of a person or things, please use +886 986 218 275 or Line, ID: benoit-masse.

5. Ending the contract and leaving the property

  • The contract is renewed automatically after its initial period for another 6 months. (need to sign a new contract)
  • The contract can be terminated by both parties with one month notification, after the original term of the contract, no reason needed.
  • Once the Tenant tells us his leaving date, POP-ROOMS.COM starts looking for new tenants. If the Tenant wants to change the moving date once more, they should contact us. It might not be possible to change it, or additional fees will be charged to the Tenant.
  • In urgent cases (to be discussed individually), the tenant can terminate the contract earlier if she/he or if the manager finds a new tenant with the same renting condition. We will try our best to help you find a new tenant.
  • In case of price reduction for a longer term contract, the tenant will have to refund the difference in rent if he wants to move out earlier than the end of the contract.
  • In case of infringements of the present Renting Guidelines, the tenant will be notified by electronic message of verbally. If the infringements are repeated, or if flatmates complain about the attitude of the tenant, then the managing company can terminate the contract with a minimum of one month notice.
  • In case of sexual harassment complaint recorded by the police from another roommate, the managing company can terminate the contract with 24 hours notice.
  • The deposit will be deducted 600 NTD for cleaning fee when the contract ends.

Moving Out Checklist:

Please remember to leave all supplied items in the room. Check pictures, contract or ask us if unsure.

  • Remove all personal items from the unit and shared space.
  • Remove ALL shampoo, body gel, toothbrush toothpaste and other disposable containers from facilities. New tenants will not use your old stuff, even if barely used.
  • Clean the complete unit, including under the bed and other hidden areas. There should be no dust whatsoever.
  • Remove all stickers and glue entirely. Sometimes, the walls need to be painted if you used tape.
  • Remove all trash bags from property. Trash left behind will be charged at a rate of 500 NTD per bag. Ask for our help and advise on how to dispose of trash.

Additional steps for when renting complete apartment:

  • Remove ice and clean fridges: unplug fridges, put them in either the bathroom or on a balcony, and leave them unplugged until the ice is completely melted. Clean inside of Fridges, put them back in the apartment to make sure they are not fully closed (bad smell can appear).
  • Make sure the bathroom drains are not clogged.
  • Wash the washing machine filter.

6. Privacy, Theft, and Sexual Harassment

In order to rent our rooms / apartments, you need to give us a copy of your passport or ID. Upon request and after ending the renting contract, we can delete all information concerning your identity upon request. Simply write an email to [email protected] with you name and the subject: “please delete my information”.

In shared apartments, rooms are private. In case of violation/suspicion of privacy or theft, police will be called and the case will be escalated to the very extent of the Taiwanese law, which is very strict on theft.

Shared apartments are often mixed, and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Nudity is not tolerated in any of the shared space.

Security cameras may be installed in the entrance of the units, and records will be kept for one month, shared only with the police when needed.

7. Structural Damage and Insurance

7.1 Penalties

Apart from the possibility of contract termination discussed above, other penalties apply. In case no tenant admits responsibility for the issue, then the cost of the penalties will be divided among all tenants.

Noise and complaints: In case of excessive noise after 10pm, taiwanese police can show up and issue a fine of a minimum 2000 NTD.

Littering: For littering, a penalty of 500 NTD per trash bag will be issued, more if the littering requires cleaning time (400 NTD per hour).

8. Requests, Complaints, Ideas

The Facebook messenger groups for each apartment are only here for management to make announcements. 

For any Requests, complaints, ideas, please fill out the form: