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Jan 19
The Little Folk: A Taiwanese Tale of the Moo-Sin-A 魔神仔

The landscape of Taiwan is an imaginative place. It calls to one's creative eye and is…

Jan 15
The Fearsome Formosa Part I: A Brief Snapshot into the World of Taiwan’s Illustrious Pirates

Check out our post about Koxinga, Taiwan's "Pirate King" and Ming Dynasty folk hero.

Jan 14
Beam Me Up Nangang Park: A Foray into Taipei’s Energy Field

In the woods of Nangang Park lies a secret stone circle...

Jan 12
Pastimes in Paradise: Paragliding in Wai’ao

We have been thinking about loftier pursuits... For a long time we have wanted to try…

Jan 11
Charting the Seasons: A Foreigner’s (semi-true) Guide to Solar Terms in Taipei

Think of it as your broad brush survival guide to the wonderful world of Taipei…

Jan 10
A Roaring Schedule: Events in Taiwan to Mark the 2024 Year

Mark your calendars with the events and all that you cannot miss in Taiwan in 2024.

Jan 09
A City of Love: A Few Ideas for Dates in Taipei

We believe the secret to Taipei is that it is a city patiently helping and waiting for…

Jan 08
Down the Rabbit Hole: Just What is Falun Gong?

We are here to help you develop your Formosa-savoir faire, and, similar to the…

Jan 07
A Place of Good Spirits: One Writer’s Trip to Kavalan Distillery

"Come guess me this riddle, what beats pipes and fiddle What's hotter than mustard and…

Jan 04
Taiwan: A Burgeoning Outdoor Sports Epicenter

Taiwan could become a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and, in some ways, it is…

Jan 03
Origin Stories: Short Histories Behind a Few of Taiwan’s More Famous Foods

Where did famous Taiwanese foods get their beginnings? How did they arrive in Taiwan…

Jan 02
The Good, The Bad, The Unexplainable: A Segment on Taiwan’s Extraterrestrial

There's just that sort of X-files vibe, Twilight crossed with Twilight Zone ambiance…

Jan 01
Take Me Out to the Ball Game: The Wonderful World of Taiwanese Baseball

Grab your crackerjacks folks, it's time to catch a baseball game...

Dec 31
Taiwanese Ice Cream Flavors To Try in 2024

We would like to submit taro for your consideration, especially in its form as ice cream.

Dec 30
A Day Trip and a Realization: The Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park

And I found myself wondering, “Is euphoria discovered in steaming pools of naked old…

Dec 28
Tracing the Weaving Patterns of Taiwan’s Indigenous Tribes

It started with a string of woven bracelets purchased at a night market. It started…

Dec 27
The World of Taiwanese Movies

It’s the time of year when curling up with a warm cup of tea and a good movie can be…

Dec 25
A Guide to Hiking Yu Shan

"Because it is there;" "because it is calling and we must go;" "because we have always…

Dec 24
New Year’s Eve: Where to Watch the 101 Fireworks 

Pyrotechnics around the world rejoice! One of our favorite times of year is upon us,…

Dec 23
Expat Tips: How to Stay Warm During the Winter in Taiwan

A cold snap descended on Taiwan this week, resulting in weather advisories for the…

Dec 21
Crossing the Street: Tips for Foreign Pedestrians in Taipei

The rules, written and unwritten, of traffic and pedestrian laws and etiquette are…

Dec 20
Fruits by Season in Taiwan

If you enjoy fresh fruit and are new to Taiwan, get ready to have your world rocked.…

Dec 20
Bayan Hot Springs (八煙溫泉)

It feels like the answer to a Zen koan asking how to find contentment in this…

Dec 18
Red String of Fate and Ideas of Love in Taiwan

In this segment of the blog we dive into the world of soul mates and how they are…

Dec 12
Ghost Culture in Taiwan

Welcome to the strange, the mysterious, spiritual, and occult world of Taiwan. While…

Dec 11
The Pancakes of Taiwan: An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Bings (餅s)

Flapjack lovers beware, we are laying down the gauntlet: Asia, and specifically…

Dec 11
A Background on Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples

In one of our previous posts "Language in Taiwan," we touched briefly on the Formosan…

Dec 10
Best Western Supermarkets in Taipei 

There are a wealth of stories out there about foreigner purchasing faux pas in foreign…

Dec 09
A Crash Course on the Languages Spoken in Taiwan

In this blog post we explore the primary languages are spoken in Taiwan as well as a…

Dec 07
Understanding the Importance of Matsu 

In this post we cover the history of Matsu, the patron goddess of Taiwan and the Dajia…

Dec 06
Taiwanese Divination: Moon Blocks and Fortune Sticks

Perhaps you’ve seen them in action, perhaps you’ve used them yourself, perhaps you’ve…

Dec 04
Apps for Traveling in Taiwan

Traveling in Taiwan is convenient and a great deal of fun, especially if you are using…

Dec 03
Taiwan International Tea Expo

If you are in Taipei, November 15th - 18th, 2024 and are looking for a fun activity or…

Dec 01
Places to Workout in Taipei

Here are some ideas and resources to get you started on your workout journey in Taipei.

Nov 25
Arriving in Taipei: Traveling from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City

Arriving in a new place can be nerve-racking even for the most seasoned traveler. This…

Nov 18
1 of Taiwan its most memorable places : Daytrip to Jiufen and Jinguashi

For a daytrip to Jiufen or a overnight trip during the weekends, Jiufen is the perfect…

Nov 18
Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps

The Zhongzheng district has to thank his name to the generalissimo and the late…

Mar 04
Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps

The Shilin district is a district located north of Taipei and because of the…