Category: Arriving in Taipei

Jan 19
The Little Folk: A Taiwanese Tale of the Moo-Sin-A 魔神仔

The landscape of Taiwan is an imaginative place. It calls to one's creative eye and is…

Jan 15
The Fearsome Formosa Part I: A Brief Snapshot into the World of Taiwan’s Illustrious Pirates

Check out our post about Koxinga, Taiwan's "Pirate King" and Ming Dynasty folk hero.

Jan 14
Beam Me Up Nangang Park: A Foray into Taipei’s Energy Field

In the woods of Nangang Park lies a secret stone circle...

Jan 11
Charting the Seasons: A Foreigner’s (semi-true) Guide to Solar Terms in Taipei

Think of it as your broad brush survival guide to the wonderful world of Taipei…

Jan 10
A Roaring Schedule: Events in Taiwan to Mark the 2024 Year

Mark your calendars with the events and all that you cannot miss in Taiwan in 2024.

Jan 09
A City of Love: A Few Ideas for Dates in Taipei

We believe the secret to Taipei is that it is a city patiently helping and waiting for…