Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps

Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps 1
One of the buildings at the Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall in Zhongzheng district (credit : triposo)

The Zhongzheng district has to thank his name to the generalissimo and the late president of the republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek. Zhongzeng district is a loved district by foreigners and tourists because there are a lot of thing going on here. Home to many tourist attractions, most of Taiwans governmental buildings, this district has way more to offer. If you want to get to know more about this wonderful and buzzling district, you came to the right place. In this article we will be going over some of the best places that are to be found in this district to give you a good perspective what this district is all about.

The topics we will be going over :

  • Location
  • Where to eat
  • Best cultural spots in Zhongzheng
  • Nightlife/best bars

Location :

This district is a convenient location to stay for students because some of the most important universities of Taipei are located in this district. You can find in this district for example the National Taiwan university, University of Taiwan and Taipei. Also for other people is this a very good place to stay. The location of the Zhongzheng district is located relatively central in Taipei and from it, the most places in Taipei are easily accessible using public transportation.

Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps 2
National Taiwan university (credit : flickr)

Where to eat

Nanjichang nightmarket :

This nightmarket might be not as big in comparison to the other nightmarkets in Taipei, but this makes the nightmarket less crowded and less overhyped than the other ones in Taipei. You can still find a lot of Taiwanese and local specialties of streetfood in this nice local nightmarket!

Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps 3
Nanjichang night market (credit : guidetotaipei)

Local restaurants and foodplaces :

In almost every street you will be able to find local foodplaces or foodstalls that offer their local specialty, this counts for everywhere in Taipei. There are also restaurants to be found, you can just walk around or use google maps and you will be able to find a restaurant that suits your needs and is nearby.

Convenience stores : 

In Taipei there are almost no streets to be found that don’t have a convenience store. On almost literally every corner you can find a 7-11, familymart, ok-mart, and the list goes on. This place is ideal for a quick snack or meal, or just some small conveniences! 

Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps 4
7/11 in Taipei (credit : gocurrycracker)

Supermarket or local markets :

If you’re staying for longer you will probably every now and then cook your own food. There are plenty of local fruit and vegetable shop, supermarkets and bigger local markets to be found so you will find some fresh ingredients to cook with! For example Nanmen market is a local market with a lot of local food and ingredients!

Best cultural spots in the Zhongzheng district

You must definitely not miss out on seeing the Chiang Kai-shek memorial while being in Zhongzheng or Taiwan in general, these beautiful majestic are one of Taipei’s highlights!

Discover the amazing Zhongzheng district of Taipei in 4 steps 5
Chiang Kai-Shek memorial hall in the Zhongzheng district (credit : GuidetoTaipei)

Taipei’s botanical garden that has a big collection and herbarium of indigenous plants. Also the peace park is a nice place to go for a bit of nature in the middle of Taipei city.

The national Theather and concerthall of Taipei are also to be found in the Zhongzheng district.

Where to drink?

Because Zhongzheng district is a very loved district by foreigners, it also contains a lot of cozy and fun bars to hang out in. The most famous one for expats and foreigners is Revolver bar. We also highly recommend Shrine bar and there are many more fun and small bars all over Zhongzheng.

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