Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps

Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps 1
The Shilin district in Taipei (credit : wikipedia)

The Shilin district is a district located north of Taipei and because of the neighboring Yangmingshan national park and other natural environments, you can enjoy a scenic view from this district. This is also the reason the Shilin district is a loved place for living in Taipei for Taiwanese people and also foreigners. Especially a lot of the expats are based in Shilin and run their businesses from this district. Home to one of the most famous night markets of Taipei, plenty of museums and different cultural sight. This district will have something that will satisfy your needs!

  • Getting around
  • Cultural sights and tourism
  • Where to eat
  • Nightlife

Getting around

For getting around you can make use of the red line of the MRT, this one is located in the Shilin district. Furthermore you can also make use of the bus, Ubikes or Taxi whatever suits you the best.

Cultural sights and tourism

There are many cultural sights and museums located in the Shilin district, here we will be discussing some of our favourites. 

First of all there are many museums in Shilin. The national palace museum where you can find almost 700.000 pieces of chinese artifacts and artworks making it one of the biggest collections in the world. Furthermore is it located on a hill in a massive and magnificent palace,thats where the name originates from. Some more museums are: Taipei astronomical museum, national Taiwan science education center and Hwa kang museum.

Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps 2
The national palace museum in the Shilin district (credit : agoda)

Also a relative big amount of beautiful temples to be found in this cultural district. Some of the temples are : Shilin Cixian temple and the Chin Shan Yen Hui Chi Temple.

Yangmingshan national park

Yangmingshan national park is the closest national park to Taipei city. A national park with a very well structured and organized trail system, stone roads and stairways which makes it easily accessible for a lot of people. Also in this national park is the highest dormitory volcano of Taiwan to be found and rises up to 1,120 meter above sea level.

Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps 3
Yangmingshan national park (credit : expedia)

Where to eat

Shilin night market is probably the biggest night market of Taipei! Except from a lot of streetfood and local specialties you can also find a lot of shops with clothing and gifts. But for food is this definitely a place you must visit while staying in Taipei! Just come here and try the local cuisine!

Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps 4
Shilin night market (credit : livingnomads)

Next to Taipei expopark where you can find Taipei fine arts museum, there is a place called Maji Maji or also known as Maji square. This place is filled with boutiques, shops and restaurants but there is also a corner that has foodstalls with food from all over the world.

There will also always be plenty of options of restaurants and local places all over the Shilin district!


Also in Maji square during the weekends or in the evening, a lot of people gather here and bring their own drinks and hang out together here in Maji Maji. Its a place that a lot of expats come during the weekend but also very loved by the local people. Here you can also find Triangle club!

Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps 5
The most common hang out area in Maji Maji In the Shilin district (credit : Taiwannights)

The Tianmu area of the Shilin district is an area with plenty of bars and even some western restaurants, if you go here you will have a fun night out guaranteed! The sommelier bar is a very nice place and you can also visit the movie theather here.

Renting in Shilin District

Shilin District is one of the best district for expats and locals who love nature. Yanminshan, the big national park North of Taipei is easily accessible, and Shilin has a lot of green area.

Jiantan especially, is the southern MRT station of Shilin District. and has many very interesting features. First, you will find the Qiangang Park Swimming Pool (前港游泳池) which is an outdoor olympic size swimming pool (click here to see the official website) located in a lovely park. Also nearby is the Jiantan trail, which is right next to the MRT and features lovely sights on Taipei 101 (click here for more details about the hike).

We have plenty of rooms and apartments for rent all over Taipei and in Shilin District, make sure you have a look on our website and maybe you will find a room that is perfect for you!


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