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Jan 09
A City of Love: A Few Ideas for Dates in Taipei

We believe the secret to Taipei is that it is a city patiently helping and waiting for…

Jan 07
A Place of Good Spirits: One Writer’s Trip to Kavalan Distillery

"Come guess me this riddle, what beats pipes and fiddle What's hotter than mustard and…

Jan 06
Bubble Teas, Carl Jung, and Archetypes: What Your Favorite Bubble Tea Says About You

Let's siphon from these holy waters and begin to distill or divine your choice of…

Jan 03
Origin Stories: Short Histories Behind a Few of Taiwan’s More Famous Foods

Where did famous Taiwanese foods get their beginnings? How did they arrive in Taiwan…

Dec 31
Taiwanese Ice Cream Flavors To Try in 2024

We would like to submit taro for your consideration, especially in its form as ice cream.

Dec 20
Fruits by Season in Taiwan

If you enjoy fresh fruit and are new to Taiwan, get ready to have your world rocked.…

Dec 17
Visiting the Raohe Street Night Market

Living in abroad for an extended period of time, it can be easy to fall into what we…

Dec 16
The Best Coffee Chains in Taipei: Part I

Ever wonder where to get the best coffee in the city? We've been wondering too so we…

Dec 11
The Pancakes of Taiwan: An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Bings (餅s)

Flapjack lovers beware, we are laying down the gauntlet: Asia, and specifically…

Dec 10
Best Western Supermarkets in Taipei 

There are a wealth of stories out there about foreigner purchasing faux pas in foreign…

Dec 03
Taiwan International Tea Expo

If you are in Taipei, November 15th - 18th, 2024 and are looking for a fun activity or…

Mar 07
The Easy Guide to the Best Taiwan Food – Part 1

Here we present the best of Taiwan food . Taiwan really is a country of incredible…

Mar 07
The Easy Guide to the Best Taiwan Food – Part 2

Here we present the absolute best Taiwan food. The problem, however, is that finding…