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Jan 14
Beam Me Up Nangang Park: A Foray into Taipei’s Energy Field

In the woods of Nangang Park lies a secret stone circle...

Jan 11
Charting the Seasons: A Foreigner’s (semi-true) Guide to Solar Terms in Taipei

Think of it as your broad brush survival guide to the wonderful world of Taipei…

Jan 10
A Roaring Schedule: Events in Taiwan to Mark the 2024 Year

Mark your calendars with the events and all that you cannot miss in Taiwan in 2024.

Jan 09
A City of Love: A Few Ideas for Dates in Taipei

We believe the secret to Taipei is that it is a city patiently helping and waiting for…

Jan 08
Down the Rabbit Hole: Just What is Falun Gong?

We are here to help you develop your Formosa-savoir faire, and, similar to the…

Dec 30
A Day Trip and a Realization: The Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park

And I found myself wondering, “Is euphoria discovered in steaming pools of naked old…

Dec 23
Expat Tips: How to Stay Warm During the Winter in Taiwan

A cold snap descended on Taiwan this week, resulting in weather advisories for the…

Dec 20
Bayan Hot Springs (八煙溫泉)

It feels like the answer to a Zen koan asking how to find contentment in this…

Dec 14
Fengqi Hu: A Day Trip

Read about a day trip to one of Taiwan's hidden gems, towns and hiking trails on the…

Dec 10
Best Western Supermarkets in Taipei 

There are a wealth of stories out there about foreigner purchasing faux pas in foreign…

Dec 04
Apps for Traveling in Taiwan

Traveling in Taiwan is convenient and a great deal of fun, especially if you are using…

Dec 03
Taiwan International Tea Expo

If you are in Taipei, November 15th - 18th, 2024 and are looking for a fun activity or…

Dec 01
Places to Workout in Taipei

Here are some ideas and resources to get you started on your workout journey in Taipei.

Mar 04
Discover the amazing ShiLin district of Taipei in 4 steps

The Shilin district is a district located north of Taipei and because of the…

Jan 26
5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography

If you like to take pictures and are spending some time in Taipei, then you want to go…