5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography

If you like to take pictures and are spending some time in Taipei, then you want to go to the these Taipei photography spots! If you want to share an amazing place with us, please tell us in the comments!

Taipei 101 and Elephant mountain


5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography 1
Picture of Taipei 101 taken from Elephant Mountain (credit trip.com)

This is the most iconic building in Taiwan, and it was the highest building in the world from 2004 until 2010. Because Taiwan experiences many earthquakes each year, Taipei 101 has a unique system to adsorb the energy of earthquakes.

There are three locations for great pictures: ground level at Taipei 101, where you can take great architectural pictures, the top of Taipei 101 which is accessible for visitors, and Elephant Mountain, where you can take a shot of Taipei 101 and the city of Taipei!

We have some apartments around Taipei 101, please make sure to check here.

Grand Hotel Songhe Hall


5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography 2
The Grand Hotel Songhe Hall

The Grand Hotel Songhe Hall is one of my favorite place to go take pictures. You can visit the inside hall which is very traditional and imposing (check the opening times). Also, there is a hike in the mountain that will give you a view of Taipei 101, the Songshan airport and Taipei city that is different from Elephant Mountain. The building is beautiful at night, the lights create a spectacular red green and gold .

Lin An Tai Heritage Building


5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography 3
Picture of a Taiwanese girl, picture taken at Taipei Lin An Tai Heritage Building

Visiting the Lin An Tai Heritage Building will make you feel like you have been sent back in time a couple hundred years. It is an old traditional family house, and many Taiwanese photographers hire a model, usually to dress with traditional outfit, and take their picture. you can get amazing pictures of your girlfriend here.



5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography 4
Taipei photography: Picture of Ximending at night (credit 記者陳弋攝 setn.com)

Ximending is a very unique area of Taipei that will remind you of Shinjuku if you have been to Tokyo. Neon lights and an active nightlife are mixed with traditional restaurants and buildings. It is very inspirational for photographers.

Taipei photography: Raohe Night Market


5 Best places for amazing Taipei photography 5
Taipei Raohe Night Market (credit taiwannights.com)

One of the most typical cultural aspects of Taiwan are the night markets. Raohe is one of the most traditional in Taipei. You can take shots of food, busy streets, the Raohe Night Market entrance sign, and you could go to the river side nearby to take pictures of the rainbow bridge! According to wikipedia, Taipei has 16 official night markets:

SongShan aiport landing strip 飛機巷


Taipei photography - plane landing very close to the road
Taipei photography – plane landing very close to the road. Credit: 劉柏宏

Located in the district of SongShan in Taipei city, the domestic airport is very close to the city and there is great place to take pictures of planes taking of and landing. This place is mostly accessible by taxi or motorcycle. Like many Taipei photography places, it good to come a little before sunset in order to take pictures at day and night. Also, the SongShan landing strip is very close to the Lin An Tai Heritage Building, so you could kill two birds with one stone 😀

More spots to take pictures (Taipei and the rest of Taiwan):

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