5+ Amazing Places for Surfing in Taiwan

Surfing in Taiwan is rapidly growing in popularity, for instance, if you were in Taiwan 10 years ago there would be way less people riding the waves, but even now Taiwan is still a hidden gem for surfing. The spots are never too crowded and if you come in winter the swell is better, the water is not too cold, and chances are you will have the surf spot all for yourself. So pack your stuff and get ready for a surfing trip to Taiwan!

5+ Amazing Places for Surfing in Taiwan 1
Credit: instagram / wangqwei

Waiao Beach in Yilan

Not only is Waiao beach a good place for surfing in Taiwan, it is also relatively close to Taipei and easily accessible by public transportation or car. Waiao is not like all the other surf spots in Taiwan which tend to be way further south. Its location makes it an ideal spot if you’re staying in Taipei and want to go surfing but don’t want to travel too far. Waiao is less than two hours away by bus, so if you wanna escape the buzzling city to a beautiful grey strand with a scenic view of the mountains, Waiao is the place to go.

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Waiao beach, Yilan
Waiao beach, Yilan (credit: TripAdvisor)

Dulan in Taitung

5+ Amazing Places for Surfing in Taiwan 2
Surfing in Dulan. Credit: instagram/wangqwei

Not only is Dulan a place famous for its bars, the sugar factory, and the stunning scenery, it is also a very good spot to go surfing in Taiwan. It is easy to get to from Taitung by public transportation and there are many places for accommodation that also rent surfboards. Its a paradise for surfers, hippies and backpackers that you don’t want to miss out on.

Donghe in Taitung

Surfing in Taiwan: Donghe/Dulan
SURFING IN TAIWAN : Donghe/Dulan (credit : WaGaligong)

Not so far from Dulan is another very famous surfing spot that is well known for generally having really consistent waves and good surf all year round. It is only a 15-25 minute scooter drive from Dulan. There are places to stay in Dulan or even in Donghe, but Dulan is more social and if you’re into bars Dulan is the way to go. Furthermore, this place is way less touristy then Dulan so if you visit you will only meet locals or surfers like yourself.

Kenting National Park

At the most southern tip of Taiwan is a national park named Kenting and it is a hotspot for surfing! Around the park there are many relaxing, chill little villages that surfers from all over Taiwan and the rest of the world travel to just to relax and catch some waves. It has many beautiful sand beaches and clear blue water. While you’re here you can also visit the national park and walk around it and take in the stunning views from some small mountain peaks to the surrounding sea and beaches. On days you’re not surfing you can always rent a scooter and just drive around the southern tip of Taiwan.

Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park (credit : Guide to Taipei)

Fulong Beach, New Taipei City

This is probably one of the closest places to Taipei to go surfing but during the summer months it gets very crowded due to tourism and other types of water sports. Furthermore is this also not a good place for beginners because the swell can get pretty big in this spot. Because it is not so famous there are not many rental surf shops. But if you’re a more experienced surfer, you might find here some of the best waves in Taiwan!

Big waves at Fulong beach
Big waves at Fulong beach (credit: Magic Seaweed)

Some more places that are also good for surfing

  • Jialeshu, Pingtung (Kenting National Park)
  • Toucheng, Yilan
  • Jinzun, Taitung
  • Manzou (Kenting National Park)
  • Bashien Dong, Taidong


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