The 12 amazing districts in Taipei

If you’re planning on travelling, moving to taipei or studying in Taipei. In this post we will be going over all the 12 districts in Taipei to give you an idea of where to go, where to stay and where you will find the things that will suit your needs.

The 12 districts of Taipei

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 1
Taipei divided in his districts (credit :
  • Daan district
  • Beitou district
  • Datong district
  • Nangang district
  • Neihu district
  • Shilin district
  • Songshan district
  • Wanhua district
  • Wenshan district
  • Xinyi district
  • Zhongshan district
  • Zhongzheng district

Da’an district

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 2
A street in the Da’an district (credit : 123RF)

The da’an districts is basically a bit of a student district because there are many educational institutions, for example the national Taiwan university.

Da’an district has many places for food to offer, go to Yongkang street for example. Yongkang street is a street filled with foodplaces and foodstalls, for lunch or just a tea, you will definitely be able to please your needs in this lively street! Also don’t forget the famous nightmarket in Linjiang Street known as the Tonghua night market where you can get lost and enjoy all the amazing street food!

The da’an district also has the biggest park in Taipei called Da’an forest park. Also the most famous mosque of Taiwan is in the Da’an district! So the Da’an district is a must visit when you’re in Taipei!

Beitou district

The Beitou district is the most northern district of Taipei, its also the most mountaineous and highest of all the districts.

Beitou district is the perfect place to escape the busy city and enjoy a bit of nature for only a 20 minute metro ride from central Taipei. Its filled with nice resorts and spa’s and it renown for its famous hotsprings.

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 3
The hotsprings in Beitou (credit : wikipedia)

Datong district

The Datong district is not the most important district economically speaken but has many historical and cultural things to offer.

There are many museum to visit in the Datong district : Museum of contemporary art, ama museum, custom museum and the Taiyuan asian puppet theatre museum.

There are also many temples and famous sights to see in the Datong district : Taiwan new cultural movement memorial hall, chen dexing ancestral hall, Taipei confucius temple and bao-an temple

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 4
Taipei confucius temple in the Datong district (credit : Formosa guide)

Nangang district

A district located southeastern in Taiwan that is home to Academia Sinica, Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, and Nankang Software Park.

You can here hike through Nangang shan park on elephant mountain and enjoy the stunning views over the city while being out in nature in the city of Taipei!

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 5
The view from elephant mountain in Nangang shan at night (credit : Tripadvisor)

Neihu district

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 6
Picture of a bridge in Doha park in Neihu district (credit : gov.taiwan)

The Neihu district is a district with more nature in comparison to the other districts in Taipei. Here you can find many parks (Dahu park is the most famous), lakes and even hiking trails.

Neihu district is also not missing out on temples, you can visit the Bishan temple for example.

There is also a nightmarket to find in this district.

Shilin district

Shilin district is a northern district in Taipei that is home to many museums, upscale eatery’s, shoppingmalls and other tourist attractions.

Some of the museums include : National Palace Museum, Taipei Astronomical Museum, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

Also the grand hotel is a must see, this majestic hotel rises up from and hill and is a must see! Behind the hills of the hotel there are some hiking trails and even an abandoned military base where you can take amazing pictures.

And we certainly don’t wan’t to forget about the Shilin nightmarket as it being on of the biggest in Taipei!

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 7
The grand hotel in Shilin district in Taipei (credit : Wikitravel)

Songshan district

The songshan district is the district where you can find the airport of Taipei, but its growing in popularity and more people are staying in this district because it has a lot to offer for tourists.

There are many nice things to do in the Songshan district like some of the other districts of Taipei you can go to nightmarkets, parks and even some museums and temples.

Some examples of some tourist attractions are : Taipei arena, breeze center, land reform museum, Raohe street market, Ciyou temple and many more!

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 8
Ciyou te;ple by night in the Songshan district Taipei (credit :

Wanhua district

The oldest district of Taipei is the Wanhua district located in western Taipei. Also home to Taipei’s famous and oldest temple, the Longshan temple, behind the longshan temple you can find the snake alley night market. In this district you can go for shopping, visiting some old cultural places or just enjoy some local cuisine.

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 9
Wanhua district (credit : theculturetrip)

Wenshan district

The Wenshan district is the most southern district of Taipei, home to the Taipei zoo, tea plantation and many hiking trails.

From the Taipei zoo you can make use of the Maokong gondola to the Maokong area in the Wenshan district. In this area you can find many teaplantations and teahouses where you can go for some teatasting. You can also find the Zhinan temple, the cable car also stops here. The Zhinan temple is one of the most important temples for taoism in Taiwan.

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 10
Maokong area in the Wenshan district (credit : Trover)

Furthermore is the national Chengchi university located in the Wenshan district and some more important educational institutions.

Last but not least there is also a nightmarket in this district. The jingmei nightmarket where you are also able to find the Jingmei Jiying temple.

Xinyi district

The most touristy and famous district is the Xinyi district with tall and big skyscrapers. This is the district where many commercial things are located like the Taipei 101, high-end eaterys, fancy clubs and shopping malls.

Here is the Taipei city government located and the Taipei city council. Also Taipei medical university.

Tourist attractions in Xinyi

  • Taipei 101
  • Taipei city hall
  • Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (big shopping center)
  • Historical coal mines
The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 11
Xinyi district with Taipei 101 (credit : Wikipedia)

Zhongshan district

The administrative district in Taipei known for art and culture. There are many museums and other cultural sights to be found in this district.

Museums in Zhongshan

  • Museum of fine arts Taipei
  • Lin An Tai historical house and museum
  • Museum of jade art
  • Miniatures museum of Taiwan
  • Suho memorial paper museum
  • Taipei film house


  • Martyrs shrine
  • Grand hotel
  • Xingtian temple

Zhongzheng district

The district that contains most of the governmental buildings, here you can also find the Taipei botanical garden and the Chiang Kai-Sek memorial hall.

The 12 amazing districts in Taipei 12
Chiang Kai-Sek memorial hall in the Zhongzheng district in Taipei (credit : theculturetrip)

In this district there are also many universities to be found, for example the university of Taipei, national Taiwan university, national chiao tung university and many more.

A few more examples of some touristy sights in Zhongzheng

  • National Taiwan museum
  • Taipei cultural mosque
  • National museum of history
  • evergreen maritiem museum
  • Wellspring theather
  • The list goes on…


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