Renting in Amazing Songshan District, Taipei? See the 6 Top locations

Songshan district, located in the east of Taipei is is one of Taipei’s trendiest areas. Bordered by the Keelung river to the North and East, it is decidedly more green, spacious and hip than other parts of Taipei City. It’s a fantastic place to make a base in Taipei and we are going to show you why renting there is fun and easy!

Songshan is a very hip and trendy district, with a lot of boutique shopping, art galleries, cafes and wide spacious streets. A lot of creative types are renting in Songshan and it also has a fairly well established health food stores in comparison to other parts of the city. As such it is considered a little fancier than other parts of Taipei, which also shows in the slightly nicer architecture.

The Japanese turned Songshan into a major teagrowing area, although the area has since become comparatively more urbanised. It also lost it’s lower half in 1990 during rezoning – the lower half is now Xinyi district.

Transport to Songshan District

Most MTR stations are less than 20 minutes from Taipei Main Station, with the Neihu and Songshan lines running through the center and southern parts of the district. The northernmost part of the district isn’t as well serviced by the MTR, but with a bicycle you are never more than 10-15 minutes away from a station. Since the roads of Songshan are a little less hectic than the rest of Taipei, it’s actually a great place for bicycle rides.

Songshan is also home to Songshan Airport – it is not as large as Taipei airport but does provide flights to many international destinations, making Songshan a popular district for many businesspeople.

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  1. Taipei Arena

This is Taiwan’s top venue for major sporting and music events, with expos, international stars and mjaor sporting events happening regularly.

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2. Wufenpu Wholesale Garment Market

Wufenpu is considered by many to be the top shopping location for great deals for boutique clothing. This is a huge location with often outrageously low prices, often for designer goods.

Renting in Amazing Songshan District, Taipei? See the 6 Top locations 1

3. Fujin Street

This is perhaps the coolest street in Taipei, with many boutique stores. They have many highly exclusive boutique stores – the prices are not liukely to be the same as Wufenpu! They also have many cult cafes, including Fujin Tree 353 Cafe, and is only a short walk from the famous Sunnyhills, the top pineapple cake spot in the city (you get free pineapple cake and tea there)

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4. Ciyou Temple

Dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the sea, who is a major Godess in Taiwan, Ciyou Temple was built in 1757 and is considered the original center of Songshan district. It is ornately decorated, even for a Taiwanese Temple, and is next to Rahoe Night Market – one of the best night markets for food in the city.

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5. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

A converted tobacco factory that was transformed into a creative center and art gallery in 2011. It’s the bustling center of a lot of artistic activity in Taipei, including various events, exhibitions, fashion shows and workshops.

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6. Yingfeng Riverside Park and Guanshan Riverside Parks

Keelung River Snakes its way all around Songshan District and most of it is surrounded by a margin of greenery, which vascillates in depth along the way. It has an excellent bike track that runs the whole way and is great for getting out of the city and runs through both Yingfeng and Guanshan riverside parks.

A variety of winter flowering plants are blooming at the riverside park from late December through January (photo courtesy of HEO)

Renting in Songshan

Songshan is cheaper than other districts, and like every district in Taipei, it has a very special vibe. One of the main advantage is that the train station is close, so it is very convenient for people who need it to commute. Also, the proximity of the river side is a huge plus for people with children, dogs, or people who love biking!

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