Getting an ARC in Taiwan: Your Stress Free Guide in 3 Easy Steps

If you are thinking of turning your time in Taiwan into something a little less temporary and a little more long term , obtaining an  Alien Resident Certificate, or ARC, may be the next step to transition from  tourist to resident. 

What is an ARC?

An Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) is a government issued identification document for long-term or permanent residents of Taiwan without household registration. With an ARC, you will be able to stay in the country for up to 3 years and is required for  those who plan to stay longer than 6 months in Taiwan.  Your ARC is proof of your legal residency in Taiwan and contains your name, photo, date of birth, and ARC number. 

Step 1: Determine yourARC Eligibility

If you plan on staying in Taiwan  for longer than 6 months, you must fall under one of the these categories: 

  • Workers employed by Taiwanese companies 
  • Dependents of Taiwanese citizens or legal residents 
  • Students enrolled in Taiwanese educational institutions 
  • Spouses of children of Taiwanese citizens 
  • Entrepreneurs investing in businesses in Taiwan 

Step 2: Begin your ARC Application

Upon arriving in Taiwan you must apply for the ARC at the National immigration Agency (NIA) within 15 days of entry.  You will need the following documents: 

  • Original passport with visa 
  • Documentary proof of reason for residency such as:
    • Going to school: letter of admission or certification of student status 
    • Employment: letter of approval 
    • Joining family: marriage or birth certificates, national ID card, ARC
    • Learning Mandarin Chinese: Proof of enrollment and attendance record for most recent semester 
    • Missionary work: religious organization’s registration certification and a letter of invitation 
  • Proof of residency: lease agreement or wonder’s agreement with appended photocopy of owner’s title deed
  • One colored 34 x 45mm photograph 
  • A completed ARC application form 
  • Fees: NTD1,000  per year of validity ( maximum  five years = NTD 5,000)
Getting an ARC in Taiwan: Your Stress Free Guide in 3 Easy Steps 1

*Students are eligible to apply on the  National immigration Agency Online Application System for Foreign Students after creating an account and uploading the documents above.

Step 3: Wait for your ARC to be Approved

The processing time for your application depends on the location your submitted, but you can expect to wait at least 10 business days.

Helpful Links:

Application form can be downloaded via PDF at the bottom of the page: 

Ministry of The interior National Immigration Agency R.O.C (Taiwan)

 For students: 

 National immigration Agency Online Application System for Foreign Students 

Getting your ARC in Taipei:

Follow these steps and begin your journey to becoming a Taiwanese resident today!


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