Discover the amazing Wanhua district of Taipei in 4 steps

picture of Wanhua District
The Wanhua district in Taipei (credit : theculturetrip)

The Wanhua district is located West in Taipei and is bordering with New Taipei. This is also where the Dahan and Xindian river come together and form the Tamsui river. It is Taipei’s oldest district, thats why its home to many old buildings and historical sites and makes it one of the most cultural districts of Taipei. In this district there is also one of the most buzzling shopping districts of Taipei where the younger generation will spend time for shopping!

Topics in this article :

  • Transportation
  • Historical sights and tourism
  • Where to eat
  • Nightlife


For transportation you can make use of the blue line or the green line of the MRT, its only a few stops to Taipei main station and from there you can get easily around all over Taipei. For the rest you can make use of the public busses or taxi’s, it depends on your preferances or needs.

Historical sights and tourism

Because the Wanhua district is one of the oldest districts in Taipei, this place truly is the perfect place for all the fans of history. You can find some of the oldest temples in Taipei and some of the places feel really old-school in this wonderful district.

Longshan temple :

Discover the amazing Wanhua district of Taipei in 4 steps 1
Longshan temple in Wanhua (credit : wikipedia)

The Longshan temple is one of the oldest and largest temples of Taiwan. The Longshan temple was build in 1738 and survived bombings in world war 2! Local people have always been taking care of this magnificent and if it wasn’t for them the temple wouldn’t be kept preserved this well. Thanks to donations and volunteers the temple has been kept alive and in a well state. This is probably one of the most famous temples to visit while staying in Taipei.

Bopilia old street :

Walking through this street makes you feel like you go back in time, this is one Taipei’s oldest streets and it has been renovated and preserved and serves now as tourist sight to give people an idea how it was living in Taipei in the past.

For more top things to do in Wanhua district can this be a very interesting article :

Where to eat

Wanhua night market :

The Wanhua night market are a few different night markets linked to each other and is located close to Longshan temple. Here you will be able to find delicious and cheap streetfood. Come here to enjoy and try all the local specialties like oyster ommelette, glutinous riceballs, different kinds of seafood and much more!

Discover the amazing Wanhua district of Taipei in 4 steps 2
Wanhua nightmarket (credit : wanhuadistrict.blogspot)

In the Longshan area of the Wanhua district there is a place that is famous for serving some of the best snake soup in Taipei! if you’re a foodie or just interesting in trying snake we recommend going to this place. It is located near Longshan temple in Huaxi street number 23.

Also the Toilet cafe in Wanhua can be an interesting and fun experience to visit. In this place they serve all the food and drinks in plates and bowls looking like small toilets, even the chairs are toilets!

Discover the amazing Wanhua district of Taipei in 4 steps 3
The way food is served in the toilet cafe (credit : buzzfeed)


The ximen area in the Wanhua district is a perfect place for a night out. This place is very loved by the younger generation and is a very hip area. people gather here for a night out. Except for good bars and restaurants this place is perfect for shopping because its one of the most famous shopping areas in Taipei!

Discover the amazing Wanhua district of Taipei in 4 steps 4
Ximen area in the Wanhua district (credit : guidetoTaipei)

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