Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps

Daan district is the most popular district of Taipei among foreigners for good reasons. Most foreigners want to live in Daan for the park which is the second biggest in Taipei. Daan is located southern of Taipei city. Home to some important educational institutions like the national Taiwan university, 2 famous night markets and some really hip shopping areas. This district is loved and attracts many different types of people and that makes it a really famous district in Taipei city.

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 1
Linjang street in the Daan district in Taipei city (credit : urbancapture)

In this article we will be going over some of the best places of this amazing district to give you an idea what to expect if you’re planning to move or travel here!

The topic we will be going over :

  • How to get around
  • Historical sights and tourism
  • Where to eat
  • Nightlife

How to get around

For making use of the MRT in the Daan district you have a lot of options. You can make use of the brown line, the red line and the blue line to get around and get to different parts of the city easily. And ofcourse there are also public busses running through this district and ubers and taxi’s are also an option.

Historical sights and tourism

Daan forest park :

The Daan forest park located in the Daan district is a big beautiful park thats 26 ha big and serves as an escape of the city for the people living in the district or in Taipei. This park is multifunctional and serves for many people as their place to relax or do some exercise.

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 2
The Malayan night heron (credit : inaturalist)

Daan forest park ( Sēnlín Gōngyuán ) is not the same as a normal park ( Gōngyuán ) , this park is a forest park and it also serves to preserve wildlife in the city and give the animals a chance to make themselves a home in the city. For example the lake in the park is the perfect habitat for the Malayan night heron, a really famous water bird in Taiwan you can see all over the country.

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 3
Daan park in Taipei city (credit : tripadvisor)

Taipei grand mosque :

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 4
Taipei grand mosque in Daan (credit : steemit)

This amazing mosque was build in 1960 by the chinese muslim association and it is Taiwan’s most famous islamic building. Here they give many islamic courses but its also open for tourists an visitors. You probably didn’t expect to see a mosque in Taipei what makes it an interesting sight to see, so its worth to stop by when you’re around.

Jade market :

The jade market is usually in the weekend, that is why they call it the Jade weekend market. This colourful market offers a variety of Chinese jade jewelery and just amazingly beautiful things. It is a very interesting place and you definitely have to stop by when you have the time!

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 5
Some of the beautiful jewelry in the jade market (credit : englishinTaiwan)

In this interesting article you can find more of the amazing things you can do in this wonderful district!

Where to eat

Linjiang night market and Shida night market :

The Daan district has 2 big and popular night markets, these 2 night markets are a must visit. Especially Linjiang night market or also known as Tongua Night market is one of the best markets of Taipei city! Come here to fill up your belly with some of the best local cuisine and street food. we can guarantee you, you will be satisfied!

Discover the amazing Daan district of Taipei in 4 steps 6
Linjiang night market in Daan district Taipei (credit : Rtaiwanr)

Yongkang street :

From street vendors with food stalls gourmets and restaurants, Yongkang street has it all! This place is well known for being a haven for every foodie. You can basically find al different types of food here, for all different budgets. This street is also a good place for having just a nice drink in the evening. So Yongkang street is the perfect destination for amazing food !


For nightlife in the Daan district you can just go to one of the mentioned night markets or to Yongkang street, there are plenty of nice bars in this area where you will definitely have a fun night out.

Because the Daan district is such a western and modern district, this area is famous for many high end eateries and bars.

R&D cocktail lab :

The best cocktail bar in Taiwan and also known as one of the best cocktail bars in the world! If you like cocktails and you’re not on a budget, we highly recommend visiting this bar! Because its such a famous and wel known bar it is a bit priced, but worth it!

Location :,121.534684,15z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sdaan+bar!3m4!1s0x3442abc8a50737f5:0xee339c3bc955b4d0!8m2!3d25.0316667!4d121.5580556

Ounce Taipei :

Ounce Taipei bar
Ounce Taipei (credit : pinterest)

Like R&D is ounce Taipei also a high end cocktailbar, but what makes this bar so special apart from the amazing cocktails is the secret entrance. To enter this bar you will have to go through a pizzeria and go through a secret door, this makes this place even more interesting.

Location :,121.534684,15z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sdaan+bar!3m4!1s0x3442abcd1fbd2c2f:0xeb1fe4b16f0cf9ac!8m2!3d25.0332737!4d121.5558604

Some of the best bars in the Daan district :

Who is going to like living in Daan District

Daan district for living is most suitable for business people and expats working in business in Taipei because this area is known to be the administrative district of Taipei. The district is very western and modern what makes the quality of life for living higher than in the other districts in Taipei. Everything is easily accessible and you will have everything you need just by the door.

But this also makes Daan district a more expensive district in comparison to the others, as an alternative Jiantan could be a nice alternative. Jiantan has just like Daan many nice restaurants, beautiful parks and nature. Travelling to other districts or Daan is not too far from Jiantan because you can make use of the red line with the MRT to get around. This area is also cheaper and thats why it would make a good alternative.

We also offer rooms for rent all around Taipei! Maybe we have a room free in Daan district if you’re planning on moving to this district!


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