Discover the amazing Beitou district in 4 steps

The Beitou district is the most mountainous, highest and is also the northernmost located district of Taipei city. The Beitou district is known for its beautiful natural and green surroundings. Furthermore is it also known for its natural hotsprings and thermal valley, which is a must visit when you’re in Taipei.

Discover the amazing Beitou district in 4 steps 1
The thermal valley in the Beitou district in Taipei (credit : wikipedia)

In this article we will be going over some of the best places of this amazing district to give you an idea what to expect if you’re planning to move or travel here!

The topics we will be going over :

  • Transportation
  • Historical sights and tourism
  • Where to eat
  • Nightlife

Getting around in the Beitou district

For transportation around the Beitou district you can make use of the red line of the MRT. The red line can take you to Taipei main station and further, or the opposite direction up to Tamsui district in New Taipei city. For other ways of transportation you can still make use of the public busses and if needed taxi’s, depending on your needs ofcourse.

Discover the amazing Beitou district in 4 steps 2
The red line that runs through the Beitou district (credit : PNGBarn)

Historical sights and tourism

Beitou hotsprings :

To get there you have to take the red line of the MRT to Beitou and from Beitou you have to transfer for 1 stop to Xinbeitou. Here in Xinbeitou is where you can find the hotsprings.

The public hotsprings is the cheapest option but will probably also give you the most local experience. You can just enjoy the hotsprings between the locals! You can also go to private hotsprings and have a hotspring or a natural hotbath for yourself, this option is ofcourse a bit more expensive.

Discover the amazing Beitou district in 4 steps 3
Public hotsprings in the Beitou district (credit : tourist2traveler)

If you’re around in this area you can also find the Beitou hot springs museum where you can find out more about the history of some of the first hotsprings and hotbaths made by the Japanese.

For more information is this an interesting article :

Thermal valley :

Thermal valley that is also called hell valley by the local people, is a sulfuric hot valley at the foot of yanmingshan national park. The water is said to be one of the hottest places in the area. This is a must see sight when you are around and this place is in the list of 12 places you have to see in Taiwan!

Discover the amazing Beitou district in 4 steps 4
Thermal valley in the Beitou district (credit : goteamjosh)

Yangmingshan national park :

Yangmingshan national park is the closest national park to Taipei city. A national park with a very well structured and organized trail system, stone roads and stairways which makes it easily accessible for a lot of people. Also in this national park is the highest dormitory volcano of Taiwan to be found and rises up to 1,120 meter above sea level.

Where to eat

Night market :

There are in Beitou some small local night markets to be found that give a nice local experience, but if you want to go to a big night market you can easily travel to the Shi Lin Night Market from Beitou. To get there you just have to take the red line to Jiantan and from there you can walk to the Shi Lin Night market. This is one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan and you will be able to find plenty of different types of local cuisine and there is also a lot of clothing and giftstalls.

Restaurants :

There are also plenty of good restaurants to be found in the Beitou district. Here on this website are 10 of some of the best places to eat in Beitou :


Although Beitou district is not really a big party district, there are still some really nice bars to be found. Also from KTV is the beitou district not missing out on, so for a fun not too wild out night is Beitou still a decent place.

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