Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei

When travelling to Taipei or any place in the world, we always only visit the touristy places we read about on the internet or in tourist guides. But what about the hidden gems? When we go look for the alternative places we will stumble upon more bizarre and local experiences, we can enjoy a place more from a local perspective. In this article we will be going over some of the overlooked places and the hidden gems in Taipei. If you’re planning travelling to Taipei you will know where to go if you want to go a bit of the beaten track in the city.

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 1
Taipei by night (credit : lonelyplanet)

Taipei expo park

This relatively new multipurpose park is home to different attractions like the Taipei fine arts museum and Taipei story house. It has a nice park where a lot of people come to hang around. It’s located north of Taipei city center just outside of the MRT stop Yuanshan.

Next to it you can also find Maji Maji or also known as Maji square. Maji square is a big specialty market where also a lot of different food stall are to be found and special stores. A lot of people come here together in the evening for a meal or just to have some drinks together.

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 2
Hidden gems in Taipei : Taipei expo park (credit : guidetotaipei)

Jiantanshan trail

If you want to do a hike just outside of Taipei with a skyline of the city, the jiantanshan trail is the perfect destination. In comparison to Elephant mountain which is a tourist hotspot, the jiantanshan trail is way less touristy and it truly a hidden gem. Here you can come to escape the city and the crowds and it will be very relaxed.

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 3
View of Taipei from Jiantan mountain (credit : goteamjosh)

It is very easy accessible, to get there you have to take the MRT to Jiantan station and take exit number 2. From there you walk through Yuanshan scenic area and you will find stone steps going up a hill. Around here the trail will start.

Pier 5 Taipei

At Dadaocheng wharf you can find Pier 5, just next to the river with a beautiful view is this a perfect place for a night out. There are many pop-up bars and foodstalls to be found with different craft beers, whiskey and the list goes on. In the weekends you can even find live music here and sometimes even theatre! Its located in the Yanping riverside park in the Datong district

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 4
Pier 5 in the evening with some pop-up bars (credit : Taipeiexpat)

Taipei bike loop

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 5
Ubikes in Taipei (credit : tourmeaway)

Taipei has a well developed and structured bicycle lane system, so it makes it very easy and convenient to get around with the bike around Taipei. You can find orange Ubikes basically all over the city, you can pick them up and drop them off at all different Ubike stations for the bikes. You can pay the bikes by easycard.

Go pick up a bike and explore the city on your own! You will get to places you otherwise would never had been to and this way you will get more of the beaten track and be able to enjoy the hidden gems in Taipei.

Taipei fish market

The Taipei fish market in the Zhongshan district is a must visit for every seafoodlover. Its a big supermarket where you can the find most freshly caught fish in Taipei. Between the supermarket are plenty of sushistalls and different little restaurants that offer a diversity on local specialties with seafood! The market is open everyday from 6am to 8pm except on monday it closes at 6pm.

Amazing hidden places and hidden gems in Taipei 6
Taipei fish market (credit : tripadvisor)

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