Discover the amazing Neihu district of Taipei in 4 steps

The word ‘Neihu’ translated means ‘inner lake’ and that is because of the lake that is located in the middle of the Neihu district. This district is located on the east side of Taipei and because of the neighbouring Shilin district what makes that this district also has a beautiful scenery and nature around it. This makes this place also a good place to go for hikes just outside of the city. Furthermore are there also a few higher education institutions to be found here.

Discover the amazing Neihu district of Taipei in 4 steps 1
The Neihu district between the surrounding mountains (credit : flickr)

In this article we will be going over some of the best places of this amazing district to give you an idea what to expect if you’re planning to move or travel here!

The topics we will be going over :

  • Transportation
  • Historical sights and tourism
  • Where to eat
  • Nightlife


For transportation you can make use of the brown line to get around this district. This line runs through the district above the ground and also build higher so it gives you a nice view from the surroundings. You can also make use of the local busses.

Discover the amazing Neihu district of Taipei in 4 steps 2
The metro on the brown line running through the Neihu district (credit :

Historical sights and tourism

Probably the biggest landmark in the Neihu district is Dahu park with its beautiful bridge located central in the district. There are many things to and its a great place for exercise. Next to the park there is an outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi’s and sauna’s.

Discover the amazing Neihu district of Taipei in 4 steps 3
The Dahu park by night in the Neihu district (credit : worldfortravel)

The Bishan temple is the biggest Taoist temple of the Neihu district and is to be found on the mountainside of the district and on a clear day it offers great views of the city. There is even a possibility to spend the night here for a donation.

Hiking :

This district is a perfect place for hiking because of its neighbouring Shilin district and Yangmingshan national park. There are many different hikes to be found around this area. We recommend the Jin Mian Shan hiking trail, a short but steep and even a bit adventurous hiking trail that rewards you with a stunning view of Taipei city. This is a perfect hike that can be done in a few hours and at the top you can take amazing pictures.

Discover the amazing Neihu district of Taipei in 4 steps 4
View on the Jan Mian Shan hiking trail (credit : Tripadvisor)

Where to eat

Neihu night market on lane 737 is a less famous night market but still offers all the local dishes and streetfood the usual night markets offer. Because this night market is a bit less famous, its still a very nice one and very cozy. From the Neihu district you can also always travel to the big and famous night market of the Shilin district because its not far away.

Neihu night market on lane 737
Neihu night market on lane 737 (credit : likeafishinwater)

Because the Neihu district is a hip district for shopping and entertainment there are also high ant eateries to be found, from local cuisine to western food you will find something that suits your needs.

This is an interesting article with some of the best places for food in the Neihu district :


In the Neihu district is not really a certain place where all the nightlife is based at a certain place but there are many bars around the whole district that are still worth the visit and will give you a fun night out.

Here is an article that has a list of some of the best places to go out in the district :


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