Renting Taipei Apartments, find an amazing place in 6 steps

Taipei apartment

Taipei Apartments: Rent

  • Learn what is specific to Taipei Apartments
  • Decide what you are looking for
  • Find the best location
  • Prepare your visits
  • Organize the information
  • Leave the property and terminate the contract

Learn what is specific to Taipei Apartments

There are a few different types of apartment available, but often Taipei Apartments are decently sized, very hot in summer, humid, and may or may not have a lot of light due to buildings being built close together.

Many Taipei Apartments do not have big kitchens, and if they do, VERY rarely have ovens. Bathrooms are usually ‘wet rooms’ with a space for a shower next to the toilet, but no cubicle. 
Prices of Taiwan Apartments can be anywhere from 10 000 to 40 000 NTD for a studio, depending on location, furnishings and size.

Taiwan Apartments very rarely have more than 5 rooms, 3 being the average.

The basics of renting Taipei Apartments starts with getting a landlord. Many Taiwanese landlords flat out refuse to have western tenants, and so finding a middleman is often crucial. This is also because there are many cultural differences in how apartments are rented in Taiwan than the West. For this reason, many westerners use a Taiwanese friend to help negotiate a new apartment. apartments offer even more piece of mind: we have verified every landlords and they are working with us for years.

Verifying landlords is critical, because Taiwanese law is very pro landlords, and also favors often Taiwanese over foreigners.

Decide what you are looking for

Deposits are often 2 months, and tenants often don’t expect to get the deposit back and therefore do not look after the space, although this is not universal, and if you find a good landlord and look after the location, you should be able to keep the deposit.

It’s also advisable to cover yourself when you move in by taking photos and sending them to the Landlord. This will provide you with proof and also let the landlord know that you are paying attention.  Make sure you have the finer details about points such as internet, electricity and air con. The last two can be very expensive, and air con in the Taiwanese summer is definitely necessary, so it pays to make sure you know which utilities, if any, are included, and how much they are likely to cost.

Once you have negotiated everything, you can begin figuring out the lease.

Find the best location

To find the best location in Taipei consult our blog which as articles about each districts and areas in Taipei:

Prepare your visits

Because Taipei can be confusing, we advise you to plan a maximum of four visits per day. Its better if you contact some agents like us who can show you different places and also the good places to eat and shop in the neighborhood.

Extra considerations

It’s important to know that the top floor of many Taipei apartments are illegally constructed, which may remove the rights you have in the case of dispute. Many constructions are also quite old, and so for that reason it is always going to view a place as there may be issues, which is simply something that comes with Taipei apartments. For the same reason, many toilets in Taiwan cannot handle toilet paper, so you are expected to put it into a bin by the toilet. 

It’s quite common for housemates to be very practical in their relations is they are not already friends, so don’t be put off if they may seem a little distant in comparison to western housemates you have had – it’s just part of the culture!

Leaving an apartment or room

Find a Taipei Apartment right now

You can find Taipei Apartments through various online channels – of course, PopRooms has many apartments available, but there are also various facebook groups and websites, too.


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